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Farm Tours and Tastings

Are you visiting Kona and want to learn about coffee farming? Come to a private coffee tour and cupping at our farm!

Best Kona Coffee Orchard

Our tour has two parts. The first is a private orchard tour with Doug (Sunshower owner and farmer) where you will learn about the entire coffee farming process including seasons, growth patterns, ripening, harvesting, pruning, orchard maintenance and pests. You will also taste coffee cherry (the fruit part) straight from the tree before it is processed and roasted. 

After your tour you will head to our the lanai (patio) for a full cupping experience with Kate (Sunshower owner and coffee roaster). Coffee cupping is a type of coffee tasting done by professional coffee tasters (called Q graders) where strict brewing protocols are followed in order to best judge the taste and aroma of a coffee. At our coffee cupping you will taste coffee like a professional and compare five different coffees from our farm. These will vary by roast profile, grade of coffee and process type (natural vs. washed processed).

best kona coffee tasting

During the cupping you will learn about how Kona coffee differs from other coffee world-wide and where Hawaiian coffees fit in the US coffee industry. We will also discuss how to become an educated coffee buyer at home and best brewing methods for amateurs.  

Tours are approximately an hour and we can accommodate up to 8 guests at once. All tours are privately booked and appointments are available 7 days a week. Tours are $10/person but that fee is waived for guests who purchase $20 or more of coffee. Sign up for a tour below or call us to schedule one! 

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