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Beginners Homebrewing Class

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The Sunshower Homebrewing Store will be offering a beginners homebrewing class on Saturday January 23rd at 11AM. This class will be taught by Kevin Wright, a professional brewer from Kona Brewing Co. In this class you will learn how to brew a basic brown ale using our equipment and will get to keep three gallons (around 30 bottles) of your homemade beer. 

You and one partner will brew 6 gallons (60 bottles) of a beer together. If you do not have a partner, don't worry, one will be assigned at class. After the first session the beer will stay with us as it ferments.  About 2 weeks later you will schedule an appointment to come bottle your beer and take it home with you. 

Cost is $100/person which covers the two classes, beer tasting and snacks, ingredients, bottle caps and optional flavoring additions. Bottles are not included and can be purchased or brought from home. Students will also receive 15% off their first purchase from the home brew store! 

The First Session will cover factors that make quality beer, in depth discussion on brewing ingredients, brewing techniques, proper sanitation for home brewing, hands-on brewing for beginners and a beer tasting where the instructor will teach how to evaluate quality beer. We will also be serving woodfired pizzas and beers while we wait for our brew to boil. 

The second session will be scheduled individually and will cover bottling techniques, bottling your beer, capping your beer and beer storage. 

If you have any questions please email us at or call us at (847) 254-2787.

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