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Advanced Recipe Design and Beer Pairing Class


Advanced Recipe Design and Beer Pairing Class


The Sunshower Homebrewing Store will be offering a class on recipe design and beer pairing for intermediate and experienced homebrewers on Saturday, April 22nd at noon*. This class will be taught by Kevin Wright, a professional brewer from Kona Brewing Company. Kevin has an Advanced Brewing Theory Degree from World Brewing Academy, he is a Certified Cicerone and has 5 1/2 yrs professional brewing experience.

In the recipe design portion of this class you will learn about water, hops, grain, adjuncts and yeasts - how to use them properly, how to select for a recipe and how they interact together in a beer you are designing. If you have a beer in mind that you would like to improve, you can bring in your recipe (and your beer if you have it!) to get Kevin's advice and assistance in improving your brew. 

During the beer pairing portion of the class you will try seven beers (at least 4oz pours of each) and foods/ingredients they pair well with.

Cost is $55/person which covers the class, beer tasting (at least 28 oz of different beers) and pairing food and snacks and a side keg for drinking during the class.   

If you have any questions please email us at or call us at (847) 254-2787.

*Note: we need at least 8 people to sign up for this class for us to hold it. If we do not have at least 8 sign ups, we will try to reschedule or will refund your class money. 

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