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Microgreens Full Flat Order Form

Order LIVING microgreens to be delivered anywhere in the Kona area or to be picked up at any of our three farmers' market locations.   

Prices for full flat of living greens - full flat is 11' x 22' and planted in an organic soil medium.

    • Sunflower Shoots - $20/flat 
    • Pea Shoots - $15/flat
    • Microgreens (any variety or mixture of varieties - see below) - $20/flat
    • Wheatgrass - $12/flat


    Name *
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    Date you want to pick up your flat or have it delivered. For pick up, it must be a day we will be at the farmers' market. See our calendar for info.
    Delivery Address (if delivery is requested)
    Delivery Address (if delivery is requested)
    Please pick from these varieties - Wheatgrass (cannot be mixed) - Sunflower Shoots (cannot be mixed) - Pea Shoots (cannot be mixed) - Oriental Mustard - Golden Frills Mustard - Red Rambo Radish - Daikon Radish - Broccoli - Red Russian Kale - Arugula - Beet - Red Cabbage - Kohlrabi