Sunshower Farms

Family Owned Kona Coffee Farm and Event Venue

Did you know that Sunshower offers a direct-to-consumer CSA? Unlike a traditional CSA, this is a weekly option to shop with us and have your produce delivered to your home for free!

How does it work? 
Each Friday you will receive an email with our weekly offerings and a special link to our website to purchase. You will be able to add items to your cart and pay online. Weekly selections will have to be made by Saturday night. Then on Sunday, we will harvest and/or make all of your selections and deliver to your Kona-area home or office on Monday. 

What is the cost? 
It is completely free to be on our CSA email list. The price of items will vary but will be very similar to our farmers’ market prices. There is no fee for delivery if you spend over $10, otherwise you can pick up from the farm.

What kinds of products will be available? 
It changes seasonally, but in general the products available are those you'd find at our farmers' market stand - microgreens, wheatgrass, veggies, salad mix and woodfired breads. We intend to always be changing and expanding. 

What if I don’t live or work in Kona? 
That’s fine! If you will be on the Kona side, you can set up a day to come by the farm in Holualoa to pick up your selections. We can also set up a meeting time in the Kona area. We are very flexible, so if you have a question about delivery feel free to contact us!

What if I will not be home during the day on Mondays? 
That's okay! All payments will be made online when you select your items. So we can set it up ahead of time for us to just leave your produce at your doorstep in a cooler or in a garage fridge.