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About Our Coffee

 Estate Grown, 100% Kona Coffee

Estate Grown Coffee is coffee that is grown, harvested, roasted and packaged all from one farm or “estate.” When you buy our coffee, you are truly getting a farm to cup product and supporting a small family farm.

Being 100% Kona Coffee means that we are farming all of our coffee in the Kona Coffee Belt. This region is home to some of the best coffees in the world due to its tropical climate, well-drained and fertile volcanic soil, perfect rain fall and cloudy afternoons. The Kona Coffee Belt is about 25 miles long yet only about two miles wide. Only coffee grown in this specific area is allowed to be called Kona coffee. 

The Coffee Growing Process

Our coffee is grown on 8 acres at 2400 ft. at the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt. Every afternoon clouds and often also a thick fog rolls into the coffee orchard. Because of this, our coffee, although not technically "shade grown" has many of the characteristics of shade grown coffee. 

Our harvest season spans from mid-August well into the summer months. Our long harvest season is partially due to our elevation as well as to the young age of our orchards. All of our coffee is handpicked which ensures that only the ripest coffee is picked. We do two coffee processes - "washed process" and "natural process." Washed processed means that we pulp the coffee cherry using water and then sun dry the beans for at least two weeks. Natural processed coffee is coffee where the coffee is dried with the skin on making it a much sweeter and fruitier cup. All coffee is dry milled, graded and sorted before roasting and sending to you! 

We roast in 2 lb batches to ensure quality and freshness. All coffee is then packaged in vacuum sealed bags with a valve to release gas. 


All of our coffee is roasted to order for maximum freshness in a Sonofresco Fluid Bed Roaster by me (Kate). In fact, if you would like to order a roast you do not see offered here, just contact us and we will try to accommodate your request! 


Because our coffee is roasted to order, it takes us 1-3 days to roast and ship your coffee. We ship all coffee by USPS priority mail and will provide tracking numbers.

For free shipping on orders over $100, enter the coupon code "ship100" at checkout.

Need some help brewing great coffee? Check Out our Brewing Guide

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     Washed Process All Roasts:

  • 2oz - $6
  • 8oz - $23.00
  • 12oz - $33.00
  • 1lb - $40.00

      Natural Processed:

  • 2oz - $10
  • 8oz - $38.00
  • 12oz - $58.00
  • 1lb - $70.00

   For roast profiles and tasting notes click the photos

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Choose Your Own Trio

Create your own tasting pack! Choose any three 8 oz bags of any of our roasts or blends. You will be prompted to make your coffee selections after adding it to your cart.


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Coffee Trio Gift Pack

This delightful gift pack is perfect for anyone who loves coffee but would like to refine their tastes and brewing technique. This gift pack includes: three 8oz bags of coffee roasted to your preference, either a glass and bamboo french press or a stainless steel pour over cup,  and a coffee brewing guide to help your gift recipient brew the best coffee possible!

            With Bamboo and Glass French Press (12oz) - 2oz - $80
            With Stainless Steel Filter Pour Over Cup (reusable) -$83

Gift Pack Including::
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Tasting Gift Pack

A tasting pack with all five of our coffees in 2 oz bags. This pack is the perfect choice for a gift, or if you just want to sample all of our coffees before buying a larger quantity.


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Sunshower Coffee Flight

A tasting pack with all five of our coffees in 8 oz bags. A total of 2.5lbs of coffee.


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